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Underoutfit is a brand that is described by its name, everything you wear under your outfit. We created the brand to make you look better in your clothes. When you feel better - your confidence shows. Most of what we do relates to Shapewear and Bras, but recently, we are adding Active Wear and Leggings due to customer requests. The technology of stretch and performance lends to these adjacent categories. 


Underoutfit is a brand that creates Confidence thru Innovation. Keeping the promise to the consumer is part of our mission. Every product we make begins with yarn technology and ends with a perfect fit. We test fit all of our products on all women's sizes, as we believe all women are individual and unique, and being a brand for all customers is what sets us apart. 

We are a company of Creatives, Inventors, Technologists, and Planners with years of experience driven by Passion. 


We think about Form and Function, but never lose sight of creativity. We are driven by innovation while keeping in mind Femininity. We are passionate about your confidence - you feeling good is our only mission. When you feel good, you feel confident; when you are confident, we feel amazing. 


Underoutfit is different for many reasons. We start with yarn; we analyze denier, Yarn coverings, spandex, etc.. We have access to the best knitting technology worldwide. We create, build, and fit in the USA. We think only about the customer and her need. 


  • A¬†proprietary¬†Technology using Specialized knitting techniques and Yarn combinations - delivers controlled/ targeted Zones, Consistency without losing shape.
  • Cooling / Breathable - Every style created at Underoutfit uses our unique fabric treatment to keep you fresh all day.
  • "Experience - Technology - Real People." We build products for all shapes and sizes. With many years of experience and applying the Finest Gauge knitting machines, Best Yarns and working with live Bodies Fit are always a simple guarantee.