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7 Reasons Why This Innovative Shapewear is

A Game Changer

"We expected it would be a success. But wow, we were surprised by how big a success."

1. Weightlessness

The challenge was developing the lightest and the strongest yarns to deliver the promise. These yarns are devised of finest denier, including moisture-wicking silver technology keeping you cool and comfortable all day and night.

2. Stay in Place

Our Design Team took into consideration every aspect of result and diversity. We targeted each body part and gave our products the features they need to DELIVER, shaping, smoothing and control without the sacrifice of comfort. Products are constructed for all sizes and shapes as well as body tones.

3. Antimicrobial (Silver)

The first-ever shapewear to use special silver yarns all over the garment. NILIT® Bodyfresh yarns provide increased freshness through effective antibacterial action. It reduces the growth of bacteria that come into contact with the garment, and that cause unwelcome body odor and accompanying discomfort.


Many reviews and very satisfied customer

" "

- Tammy Stearn


They're true to their word

" "

- Georgia


The quality of the product is excellent...

" "

- Jade Moom

4.5/5 star reviews from so many users can’t be wrong

4. Fresh (Anti Odor)

Our AIR collection is designed with NILIT® Bodyfresh Yarn. This is a performance fiber that inhibits bacteria's growth to ensure you stay fresher for longer, even when highly active.

5. 50 Washes & More

The AIR collection is extremely resilient and stands up to tough treatment. Because the antibacterial additive is embedded in the fiber (and not added to the finished product), the yarn retains its odor-fighting properties through numerous washings.

6. Technology

Typical Shapewear does not care about the difference in your body type… It is built with a compression, that's right…. 1 overall  compression. Our Shapewear is built with intelligence. Knitting techniques and high gauge technology allow Underoutfit to smooth and shapewear you where you need it, not where the shape wear wants to… Look at our target zones… it is obvious….

7. Confidence

Look Great / Feel Great - Instantaneously……    Seconds,that's all it will take to feel the confidence... Results don't lie, slip into one of our styles, get dressed and you will see the change. Confidence comes from within, our shapewear will be part of you… Go show the world who you are….